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there are quite a few hearts...

it also says CNN, 'real journalist,' & 'hot'

"i don't want to school you on journalism, but..."
19 July
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Ron Burgundy: "I could be wrong, but I believe diversity is an old, old wooden ship that was used during the Civil War era."

Cassie/Twenties/Wannabe Creative/Expat/Your New Bicycle
"our-children-were just-robots i-made", adrian pasdar's videos, adrian pasdar/natalie maines, adrian&milo: think-they-re-brothers-now, alec lochka, alliterative names in relationships, ana&seth: adorable, anderson cooper: not-down-with the-kids, ando: so hard-done-by, anglophilia, any-time nathan&hiro interact, archangel/angel/warren worthington iii, babs as batgirl, being a-little addicted to-piercings, being-open to-the-possibility-of zombies nearby, big-scary-lit-up-director-face, black canary (love her), booster gold& blue beetle, brad walsh: cool dude, cable&domino, chase's adorable-hair/ svelte-figure, chris: sued-by-paramount, christy love (& her-hotness), claire&nathan: aww, claire's teenage angst, comicbook piracy: just-say-no!, del's stalkery ways, dick calling tim "little-brother", did-i-ever mention troll 2?, discursive theory, don vito's subtitles, drag kings, e!-is-totally-a-fandom, eternal love triangles, evil sylar/(evil) ice-cream, experimenting with syntax, fierce christian siriano, from justin to kelly(hahaha), galileo & scaramouche, gratuitous ryan-seacrest-references on the-soup, growing my sideburns, guy-dyas checking-out bryan singer's-arms, guy-gardner being-a-woob re:ted-kord, hal & ollie: bff, hating on "the prestige", hating token-gay-couples in comics, havok havok havok, hayden&milo: seriously!, hearting grant morrison, hiro&charlie, house: has got baggage-too, how kickass midnighter is, how-cute-kevin-spacey-is re:kate-bosworth, i-want-to-be hannah blilie, jake shears in general, kevin spacey being-behind-it-all, kind-of-wanting to be babydaddy, kirby: ana's ipod, kitty pryde (omg), little julio!, little mary marvel, logan&scott: bffs, lois & alfred: bff, making 'fetch' happen, mama petrelli's evil side, marrying jennifer morrison one-day, marrying kelly clarkson(one-day-she'll-be-mine!), matt parkman(is cooler-than-you), media policy, media satire, midnighter re: apollo, misty misty misty, mohinder (the lizard), mohinder suresh (in general), mohinder&sylar's road trip, mohinder's courage, mohinder-and-sylar will-hang-and-watch dvds-maybe?, my gondor flag!, my lyrics are bottomless, nathan&hiro:anytime they're on-screen together, new york city (predictably), new/est game mike, not shipping batman with-his-robins, notes from the underbelly(is-awesome), oliver queen: everyone-loves-the-leftist-superhero, ollie and batman's snarkfests, ollie: smooth like whoa, paddy boom: gayest-straight-man-ever, palmiotti/gray: my-writer-otp-weakness strikes!, pentatonic scales, people turning into cats, people who love trains, peter&nathan, plotting my tattoos, plotting stoptocheer's idol season, pod-robot-mike, poetry and a glass-of-scotch, poor mohinder suresh, private multiversal otps, publicly protesting "the holiday", raab himself/his mail-order bride, ralph dibny (!), recording showtunes, roger's unique issues, roger-hugging-joanne-through-mark, rory&jess (gg-otp), roxy contin, roy's crush on hawkgirl, ryan dunn: a-long-suffering-fool, ryan seacrest's little snits, ryan seacrest: hot-and-cold with-the-gentlemen, ryan&anderson's tie-related flirting, screenwriter cameos, seaman ship: for peace!, sean & violet: cutest-little-bffs-ever, seth kirby (really), seth rogen& paul rudd, shipping baddiel & skinner, shipping ryan & bam, shipping scott&logan, singing-along-to spring awakening, so many patricks!, sociopathy-a-must (am-used-to it), stoptocheer's interests list, stoptocheer: favourite new singer, supporting t.r knight/his-little boyfriend, suspenseful frozen coke runs, sylar is-a timepiece-restorer (get-it-right), sylar's poor mother, team blue & gold, the au of awesome, the media ownership/control debate, the original x-team, the petrelli family, the rory/jess ayn-rand-thing, the whole ryanderson thing, this awesome-sensation, this stupid-screwed-up friendship, tim drake: the-coolest-robin, tonsil-golf, trip-hop, wanting to-be a writer, wanting-to-be-a-dj, watching people's hands, wliia: greatest hits (especially-old-school), women.... and lamps, writing in food courts, x5:still!, you-could-be an-air-hostess in-the-sixties!, zachary quinto's gayness